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Clean9 Weight Management Program

A 9 day detox plan that can be started at any time but perfect coming up to the festive season or even for the New Year!!

Firstly the Clean9 is a Detox that can be used to help shift some excess pounds or used with a weight maintenance program.

Each Clean9 Box contains:
*3 bottles of Aloe Vera Gel
*1 can of Forever Lite Ultra® with Aminotein – Vanilla or Chocolate
*1 bottle of Forever Garcinia Plus®
*1 bottle of Forever Bee Pollen®
*A Shaker
*A Measuring Tape
*Sample Recipe Plan

The Power of Aloe!! Forever Living Aloe Vera contains all the micro nutrients needed in your dietry supplement. It has natural anti inflammatory & pain killing properties. It contains long chain sugars which balance our immune systems & is anti viral!

Day 1 & 2 You cut out all foods & use the Aloe Gel, Garcinia Plus, Bee Pollen & Shake

Day 3 - 9 You use the above & add in a 600cal healthy meal of your choice so you don't feel like you are starving yourself!!!

As with any Detox or Weightloss Program you are recommended to exercise at least 20mins+ per day so walking, running, exercises classes etc..

You will be weighed & measured at the start & end of your program & will have a support system in place where you can contact Denise anytime for any questions or support you need!

Clean9 - €155.00 


Forever Argi+argi

L-Arginine is an amazing amino acid that our bodies converts into nitric oxide known as the ‘miracle molecule’.

In 1998 Dr. Murad won a Noble prize for groundbreaking research in nitric oxide pathway signaling. After being introduced to Forever Living he now endorses Forever Argi+ as the best L-Arginine supplement he has seen in the market and looks forward to working with Forever’s Research and Development team to continue to expand research in this area.

Runners, Boxing, Gym users, Dancers, Swimming, Fo...
otballers, GAA, Rugby, Tennis, Golfers......

So how can Forever Argi+ help you or your Sports Team or Club (See Video below for more details)
As well as all the benefits mentioned in the below video Forever Argi+

* Increases Blood Flow which carries Oxygen around the body & removes waste products like Lactic Acid & Urea.
* Helps Temperature Control
* Reduces the chance of clotting
* Increase Efficiency
* Contains Pomengranate which contains Anti - Oxidants
* Increases Muscle Mass & Strength
* Aids Bone & Tissue Repair
* Deliver Optimum Performance

"To Achieve what we want to do in Exercise terms with the minimal requirement for the Oxygen, we can do more with less Oxygen if you have greater profusion that you get from this product" Dr. Peter Atherton MB ChB DObst RCOG FRCGP & Forver Living Advisory Board Member

This product is already being used by professional sports teams which no doubt you will be hearing more about very soon with this amazing product!!

Order directly from the Studio now for only €69.20

For more info or to order this amazing product now contact:

Denise 0852886110

To find out more information on how to become a distributor of these amazing products & create your own business or even boost your existing business for example anyone working in Health/ Fitness/ Wellbeing - please contact me!
Be Resolute Forever,

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